Friday, 30 January 2009

Love is in the snow

It was snowing heavily that night
But your warm hands held mine tight
The weather may be cold and harsh
But I felt so loved that I almost blushed

Together we stare into the sky
Thinking of how often it snows
And how we hold hands in the cold
Even until we are both old

Salad diet~

Professor: How do you find Manchester so far?
Yee Voon: I gained a lot here.
Professor: That's good! What have you gained?
Yee Voon: Weight.
Professor: ... [Speechless]

Now Yee Voon is on a mission - Loose weight!!!
Salad is not so bad... LOL~

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy CNY!!! Thank you dearies muax!

谢谢MY fm!My Music, My New Year!



而且 email 的祝福总不能跟实实在在的贺卡相比!(所以要谢谢美仪姐!)

寂寞的年27,忽然间我想起了我的最爱 - My fm! 马上上网!


p.s. I dont work for my fm.

Yes I am RED!

Made by Ah Dorn

And when are you going to make for me? I'm waiting~

Happy Valentines!

Especially for daddy mummy gor gor mai yee ah yi fei fei!


Tiramisu collection

Pizza Express @ Salford
Pesso @ Trafford (This is the best!)
From Bota @ My room

I made this for Susan!

The loveliest people on earth

Yvonne. Always.

Dim Sum @ Manchester


Nothing to do with food...


爸爸 妈妈 小白
哥哥 美仪 CK Darling
公公 婆婆 祥叔叔
姑姑 姑丈 Becca Gina
基叔叔 婶婶 璇 Some
阿姨 舅舅 Ah Di


Prosperity God

Yee Voon wishes you a prosperous and blessed year!

Gong Hei Gong Hei!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

I made these!

Thai fried rice.
Mashed potato with basil.
Cheese baked rice with ham.

Food @ Paris

Bangers and Mash, French version.

Warm, meaty and tasty on a cold snowy Paris winter
- Nothing beats that!

Tastes best when shared. :)

Food @ Milan

Lobster cuisine found in Milan.
Didn't manage to find out the name thou..
Too carried away eating Lol!

Jelly and olives! Yummie~