Saturday, 16 May 2009

New Family Car for the Home-coming Princess!

Daddy bought a seven-seater to welcome baby girl's home-coming!!!!! So super ultimately SWEET!!! Love daddy!!! Hug hug hugzzzzzz!!!~~~Baby Girl is coming home to the new family car!!! HAPPY!~ Thanks daddy, xXXxXxXXxx!!! Baby feeling sayang-ed!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

GRAB! Manchester...

I cant believe everything is coming to an end so soon!

Life is like a journey... Every now and then we cross paths...
People walk into and out of our lives everyday...
But friends are people who leave footprints...
As memories in the heart... Forever...

Once a GRABber always a GRABber!

G ood team is one with you and me
R eally happy to have this opportunity
A chance of a lifetime
B eing with fun and lovely people

M aking this venture experience
A truly meaningful one
N o matter how much hard work
C os’ what matters most is that
H ere we are as a family
E ver so loving
S uperb and amazing
T ogether we make things happen
E ven when we face sh*t
R emember, we make the impossible possible

- Yee Voon, 2008 -

x LOVE Clover Xiao Bai x

Xiao Bai baby I am coming home soon!!!!! Xoxo...

Saturday, 9 May 2009

That special someone....

Friday, 8 May 2009

For my Bestie, my Inspiration, my SUI PO!

If it is real, you'll never have to grasp too hard to keep it,
If it's vague like thin air, it will still fade off no matter how hard you try to get hold;
If it's just an illusion that blinds, someday you will see truth,
And when the haze is gone, what remains will always remain.

- Yee Voon Tham, 8 May 2009 -

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Love loads: Ah Yi!

Having someone who truly loves you is the greatest blessing one can ever have. I always think that I am blessed with more than I deserve. I have 3 wonderful people who loves me like a daughter - mummy, daddy and Ah Yi.

I don't know if it was me or is it really happening, every time I see mummy I think there is a little more wrinkle than I can remember, and daddy with more grey hair... This time I met Ah Yi and gosh ah yi is so small! I think she lost weight! I hate to see all these, I hate seeing my family grow old, I hate changes, I hate grey hair! It just makes me feel really bad to be away from home... The last thing I want to do is go home one day and find my family looking all different! I don't know if anyone can understand this feeling of fear, it's just terrible!

Ah Yi, must take good care of yourself! Get some rest when you are tired... Very chan already after this trip! Hugz and kisses xoxo

And thank you Melinda, Tim, Lilian, Jason, Siew Ping, Big Aunty, Small Aunty... Was a lovely trip! Hugs...

Garden of Hampton Court Palace


Hampton Court Palace


Fanny's Farm Shop

Limes Street

The Park

Windsor Castle

Easter Trip with Mummy Daddy!

Probably the happiest time of my entire life! I am so blessed because my parents will always love me more than I do, no matter how much I love them in return. Mummy is the cutest, bubbliest, loveliest person on earth! Sometimes I think to myself and regret the times when I was disrespectful or rude, and I begin to wonder how on earth could I have ever done such bad things staring at the face of an angel? My heart must have been blind! And my daddy is the funniest! Even the way he frowns in every photo is funny! All the jokes that we share... Most often people feel home sick because they are not used to living in a new environment but for my case it's not. I don't even think I am homesick in anyway, I just want to spend every hour and every minute of everyday with my family so badly because I am so loved...

Bishop Stratford

Basel Fair 2009

Merkat de Sant Antoni


Castell de Montjuic

Park Guell

Park Guell

Old Trafford

Madame Tussauds

London Bus

London Eye

Big Ben