Wednesday, 13 May 2009

GRAB! Manchester...

I cant believe everything is coming to an end so soon!

Life is like a journey... Every now and then we cross paths...
People walk into and out of our lives everyday...
But friends are people who leave footprints...
As memories in the heart... Forever...

Once a GRABber always a GRABber!

G ood team is one with you and me
R eally happy to have this opportunity
A chance of a lifetime
B eing with fun and lovely people

M aking this venture experience
A truly meaningful one
N o matter how much hard work
C os’ what matters most is that
H ere we are as a family
E ver so loving
S uperb and amazing
T ogether we make things happen
E ven when we face sh*t
R emember, we make the impossible possible

- Yee Voon, 2008 -

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