Monday, 25 April 2011

Life is a closed loop and so is this poem

And then i stopped blogging.

Not that i have nothing to blog about
Perhaps no one will be reading it
But it was never meant to be read in the first place
Probably I was too busy to blog...

Too busy to have time for myself
Too busy to sit down and breathe
Too busy pushing people around
Too busy indulging in the unreal
Too busy wishing upon stars
Too busy chasing after something...

Something I never knew
Something I thought I knew
Something I believed in
Something that was never there
Something now so strange...

So strange it scares me
So strange that I wish I could wake up from it
So strange I doubt that it was ever real
So strange I doubt if there is truth...

If there is truth in everything that happened
If there is honesty is those eyes
If it ever were at all...

If only it's there.
If only it's not strange.
If only something meant something.
If only I wasn't too busy.
If only I didn't stop blogging.