Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Eat2Live AND Live2Eat!

White and Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake
Crema Catalana

Gambas Pil Pil

Spanish sausage

Tortilla Espanola

Seafood Paella

Traditional Sangria

La Tasca

Costillas de Cerdo

Queso Manchego Frito

Bella Italia

Duck Pudding

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Black and White Pudding

Pork Knuckle

Traditional English Bread

Vegetarian Scallop

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The REAL Yorkshire Pudding!

This time around it's much nicer than the previous one.. and actually more like the real Yorkshire pudding! Yumm...

Friday, 13 March 2009

In the cooking mood...

Introducing... Yorkshire Beef Pudding - Improvised Version!
The first pie or pudding that you see is what I had in Leeds, called the Yorkshire Beef Pudding. It tastes sooooo good! Thick sauce with juicy beef slices and crunchy crusts... Yum yum!
Today I intended to make a cake but I dont have the measurements to make a proper one so I've decided to do it simply... by instinct! So I added flour, butter and egg. I forgot sugar! haha... Sounds impossible I know, but that happens... So it came out a little too crunchy and crispy for a cake, and obviously, unsweetened... When I tried to take the cake out of the tray, the bottom fell off because it got stuck onto the tray - I forgot to grease the pan! Ooops... So I started eating the "cake" from the bottom... It tastes quite good actually... Like some kind of pie... And so it reminded me of this beef pudding that I had before! I turned the cake or pie or whatever unknown food object it was around, I start eating from the inside, eventually what's left is exactly like the crust of the pudding! Instinct told me "Oooh I can make beef pudding!" and the rest is history~! The second pie that you see is what I made today! I didnt have beef slices so it was minced beef instead... and neither did I have beef stock to make the sauce so it was substituted by curry... And I had some brocolli left so... Oh well, it wouldn't be "Yee Voon's secret pudding" if I hadn't modify it a little creatively! Boun apetite~!

Yorkshire Beef Pudding - from Leeds market

Yee Voon's Secret Pudding!

Flour, water, egg, butter, beef, brocolli, curry,
Some imagination, creativity and a pinch of instinct.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Who said I can't cook?!

Today I'm in quite a good mood so I made myself a lovelly little salmon steak! Just two slices of fresh salmon, some brocolli, an egg and mushrooms with a pinch of salt and pepper... and waaalaaah~! Yummie yummie!!! But what I enjoyed most wasn't the salmon though, was the mushroom!!!
Salmon Steak
The rest are what I've been eating lately... I got this 15 eggs for 1 pound from Tesco which is really cheap, so tomato egg sounds like just the right meal... Quite appetizing too... made me eat more after... haha...
Tomato fried egg

Nothing too great about this lasagna really... but the filling tastes awesome! Well I AM a pro in making pasta so its basically the same thing. This is much juicier compared to my failure experiment last december, but the drawback is having no cheese (I'm on a diet! or at least trying to be...)
Beef Lasagna

I got this lovely bread from York which is really really good! Super high protein flour I'm sure! With some herbs and bacon and olives in there, heavenly! I heard German breads are really good, havent got the chance to try it so far, but I wonder if anything can be better than this one... Simply wonderful! Hopefully I'll get to try German bread sometime this year... Hopefully!~
Bread with bacon and olives (I didn't make this one!)

You cannot imagine how badly I'm craving for Malaysian food! And my mom's cooking essspecially!!! This, baby, is by far the best fried rice I've ever cooked! Cause I added "Adabi belacan untuk nasi goreng" into it, simply uh-ummm!! I miss mummy's "ham yu fa lam bou", "zhu geok chou", "den gai tong", "si ham paku choi", yellow wine chicken, "pak kut teh", "ham dan jing ju yuk", "ching jing sek ban", "geong yung sung yu", and even "ching chao choi sum" !!!~~~~

Fried Rice

This one is from "yong xing long"... 5 pounds for 48... but not half as good as what I had in the restaurant upstairs! It's all fat inside and no prawn... damn! But... it's good enough for what I've paid for so...

Siu Mai (Ok this one.. I just steamed)

Oh I love British pepper! It's sweet and colourful... Unlike what we get back home which is... tam mao mao... hahha...
Mee Suah (Ching tong)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Loooooook!!! Really really close....

I just bought my new Clinique liquid foudation coulple of days ago... and guess what?! The skin tone which I previously used (which was the second fairest) is no longer suitable and I now use the fairest! It's called "Alabaster".. What a weird name for a skin tone! But anyway, hoi sum!! hou hoi sum~!!! ahaha... This gloomy town with less than 2 hours of sunshine in a day on average really makes people fair and lovely lol~ But the trade off for this is that UK weather not only makes people fairer, but also fat-ter cause it's always so cold! In conclusion, I'm now officially fei fei bak bak~ lol! I can never lose weight here... I've given up long ago... So long I dont gain anymore thats good enough... ahem ahem excuses hehehheeeeee :)


Gooooodness gracious~! I just realised I did not upload any photos from Paris and Milan pre-honeymoon trip in my own blog!!! Aaah what a shame~ Blur blur sotong as usual.. Better late than never so here goes!

SherE Khan!